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Deep Blue Sea Movie Review


This movie is not really suitable for young children. Chances are that it will make them suffer form nightmares or scare them. “Deep Blue Sea” resembles a Shark which moves around fast and eats people from time to time.

The film follows a team of scientists and their research into the Mako Sharks in order to fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The situation ends up in chaos after genetically engineered sharks go wild and flood the research facility.

The film was directed by Renny Harlin who also directed “Die Hard 2” and “Cutthroat Island”. One of the problems with this movie is that it is hard to gauge where Harlin transcends to satire. Between some truly terrifying performances (Burrows, chief meddler with nature, convinces on precisely no levels and regularly churns out predictability.

This was one of the first productions to meld CGI model-work to the advantage of both. As is often the case for monster movies, this production involves part-time actors. The only two that belong in the film are Thomas Jane and LL Cool J. The comic relief in the movie comes from LL Cool J.

The special effects are flawless and the sharks have a feel of deadly authenticityand outdoes the monsters in Jaws. The movie is a decent thriller which leaves the viewers gasping for breath.

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