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David Zhao – stacking the odds and opportunities in his favor for success

David Zhao

In the words of Colin Powell, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” It is almost as if these words were written with David Zhao in mind. Now you may be asking “Who is David Zhao?” David is an entrepreneur, investor, and activist.

David Zhao was born in Shanghai, China and is most well-known for starting one of the first social media marketing organizations in this world. David graduated from the prestigious Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, in the Jerome Fisher Program with dual majors in management and computer informational sciences. David started his career by managing digital marketing services for many clients before he launched his own company, MoreViews, Inc in the year 2007. MoreView was originally launched as moreviews.net. David’s main skills lie in digital development, marketing, and management.

David Zhao

Being a young and dynamic online entrepreneur, David quickly realized that there are certain things in the world that need to change. Following through on this, David has served on the board of many non-profit organizations throughout his career. He has lent a helping hand to organizations like the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross. His combined skills of social media marketing and the philanthropic experience he gathered over the years, led to the birth of a non-profit organization that he co-founded with Samuel Lam. Known as The End to Cyber Bullying, this organization is aimed at preventing negativity on the Internet.

At present, David is the co-founder and managing partner of NXT Group, which is an American conglomerate organization, with its headquarters in New York City. NXT Group has diversified business areas and includes NXT Factor (full-service digital agency), NXT Local (Food & Dining Franchises such as Chubby Cattle & Meet FreshDesserts), NXT Estate (Real Estate Investment Portfolio in New York, Nevada, and Indiana), NXT Auto Club (Car Sharing Community) and NXT Capital (VC/MicroCap PE).

They say that when you follow your passion, money automatically follows. David Zhao is a perfect example of this adage. In 2014, his digital agency NXT Factor created more than $15 million in revenue for its clients and business partners. NXT Factor has clients from many different industries and David’s keen instinct for industry-related problems and the capability to figure out solutions for those problems has made NXT Factor stand out in the crowd. In 2018, David’s food and dining franchises like Chubby Cattle, Meet Fresh, and Spice World created over $25 million annual revenue.

David has earned a name for himself and has been featured in many online articles and interviews. Young, successful, and dynamic, when he is not working, David likes boxing, playing poker, travelling, food, and movies. He recommends people to focus on winning every day. David is an entrepreneur and Internet visionary who has helped many people with their online presence. David has homes in New York City, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas and his story is a shining example of all that you can achieve if you just put your mind to it.

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