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David Luiz Offloaded by Frank Lampard for Arsenal after Ignoring Chelsea’s Game Plan


The latest reports now reveal that David Luiz’s transfer to Arsenal was not initially on the plan. It came after the player was marked for intentionally ignoring Frank Leopard’s Chelsea tactics. The particular incident happened in a friendly match with Red Bull Salzburg, but sources say it is could not be the first time.

If Luiz’s scorecard is anything to go by, then the signing doesn’t seem logical enough. As in, to a good extent, the Brazilian center half shined all the way in the pre-season games. However, rumors say that the feud between him and his former boss sparked after Salzburg’s 5-3 win.

Well, although the signing was conducted right on the transfer deadline day, the £8 million deal still seems to uphold the player’s worth.
Nonetheless, Luiz should take it as a lesson to adjust to whatever requirements his future bosses demand to be able to keep his reputation and avoid deforming his teamwork skills and ability.

His former boss had instructed the defender to take his balls out to the wings, from the back, instead, Lampard focused on long passes, which made him appear unreasonably ambitious. Something that according to the Athletic made Maurizio Sarri’s furious.

After the incident, he was not allowed to play the subsequent game against Monchengladbach, and as if that was not enough, and also what signaled his transfer was after Lampard and the management agreed that he was not to practice with the squad until called upon.

In his defense, Luiz said that in all his carrier, like it is with other defenders he has hard to live with criticism because his work is to defend, unlike strikers who never fall into criticism for losing games.

Source Link: https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/05/david-luiz-sold-arsenal-ignoring-frank-lampards-chelsea-tactics-10690259/

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