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Dangers of Street Car Racing


Street Racing is extremely dangerous. It threatens the safety not only of those who are racing, but also their spectators, other motorist, and pedestrians. Below are five reasons why Street Racing is considered unsafe.

1. Vehicles participating in street racing are driving at extremely high speeds.

Usually vehicles at Street Racing exceed 100 mph, and it possibly can reach the speeds of 200 mph. If the car is at a high speed there’s a big chance of accidents to occur like hitting another vehicle, person and establishments. Fast cars are prone to accidents simply because they are difficult to control.

2. Alcohol and other intoxicating substances are being use in Street Racing.

Alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating substances are being used by street racers as well as their audiences. Aside from alcohol some of them use other substances like marijuana. By the use of these substances, your ability as a driver will surely be affected and may result to car accidents.

3. Damage to properties.

When race cars drivers drives at a very high speed there’s a probability that they might hit other vehicles and objects. For example, a racing car can hit an establishment like a grocery store or restaurant or even a vehicle just park beside the street.

4. Bystanders can be harmed.

Usually if there’s Street Racing event a lot of people gather to watch. There are some incidents wherein drivers, passengers and bystanders, not involved in the car race have been killed because of flying debris from an over speeding car crash or burning gasoline.

It may result to major or minor injuries or even death.

5. Street Car drivers don’t give importance to possible danger.

Sometimes popular car racing movies have influence to its audiences. They inspired car drivers to join Street Car Racing as well as bystanders to watch. Car racing drivers should be aware of all the consequences. Before joining the race they have to think about it several times especially if the race is illegal.

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