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Could Neymar settle for Real Madrid because of Messi?


The soccer world is in frenzy owing to Neymar’s intention to transfer from PSG. The soccer star has caught the interest of both Barcelona and Real Madrid which are equally contesting to have him on their side.

While everyone is wondering which team will win Neymar, Spanish footballer Alvaro Benito is almost certain he will settle for Real Madrid. Reason being, Neymar wouldn’t want to be under Messi’s shadow, which is quite reasonable considering that unless Messi is out, the PSG star will always come second.

When interviewed, Neymar denied and expressed his preference to be returning to the Nou camp where he had played from 2013 to 2017. He also mentioned that he was used to Catalonia and he would be happy to be back and continue with his teammates.

Benito also pointed out that Neymar is a player that can change sides easily basing his proof on the fact that he was not on Zinedine Zidane’s plans this season. It was in June this year that the Real Madrid coach was keen on signing Eden Hazard to his team and we all know that Neymar was nowhere on that list. Now that Neymar wants to transfer from PSG, it should come as surprise if Real Madrid has adds this PSG star to their list. Something that fans speculate could help them rise to the top, next season.

On Thomas Tuchel’s side, he wishes to retain Neymar regardless of his determination to leave. He shared that although the star wants to exit, the decision is not entirely on him. Meanwhile, discussions are still ongoing regarding this transfer.

Moving to the social platforms, most Barcelona fans want the team to bring Neymar back. Fans would never forget how Neymar and Messi won three trophies in the 2015 season. The treble was inclusive of a Champions League win over Juventus.

Lionel Messi has also declared his stance on wanting his teammate and pal back. Although Barcelona has topped La Liga this season, having Neymar back could make their win even sweeter. As of now we can only sit back and wait to see where Neymar Jr will end up.

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