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Continuing Education Requirements for Texas Engineers

Texas PE

Every professional engineer living in Texas who wants to renew their license must be confused about the continuing education requirements. According to the Continuing education requirements, Texas PE has to earn 15 hours of professional development hours (PDH) annually as well as one hour of ethics.

These new requirements have been made to keep the engineers updated. Inactive cardholders, disabled persons and people deployed in military services are out of these requirements.

Texas PE

Texas PDH Credits

The Texas Engineering board requires every engineer to complete the continuing education activities enlisted below each year to renew his or her license.

  • 15 professional development hours (Educational, Technical, Ethical or Managerial)
  • 1 hour of ethics courses

PDH Credit Earning Activities

PDH credits can be earned by online continuing ed courses, attending conferences and seminars, participating in live webinars and completing self-directed activities. The TBPE doesn’t pre-approve any courses, seminars, presentation or other activities to meet the CEP requirement. There is no specific list of activities from where you can choose one. However, there are two basic criteria for an activity to count:

1. Is the specific activity on the list of activities in the rule?

2. Is the activity relative to the technical profession practice and/or does it have technical, or managerial or ethical content?

If the activity is related to engineering in a technical, managerial, or ethical manner, then it will count. The following is a list of activities that engineers of Texas can consider for CEP program-

• Online courses- Engineers of Texas are free to take any number of courses for the CEU program. The board has given no limit for online courses and classes.
• Webinars- Webinars are online classes that don’t need physical attendance of the students. Students can join by GoToMeeting or Skype.
• Self-study Courses-Texas allows professional engineers to complete self-study activities as part of the required continuing education activities.
• Seminars-Seminars are the best source of updated information and knowledge and can be an excellent option to satisfy the CEP requirements

Engineering Ethics and professional conduct

The PE of Texas has to obtain at least one hour of ethics courses along with the mentioned above. The free ethics courses offered by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers can be a good choice.

Records Keeping Requirements for Engineers

The renewal process is totally online-based. The Texas board of professional engineers doesn’t require you to submit the certificates of the courses. You may have to verify it in case of an audit.

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