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Consumer Inaction: How To Use It For Improving Your Email Marketing Campaign

Internet Marketing

An effective way to get better results in an email marketing campaign is through segmentation. Today more than ever, and thanks to automation tools, it’s easier to segment mailing lists and send specific messages to people based on demographic, psychographic and behavioral data.

Most marketing specialists focus on active customer behaviors: visits to the website, lead-magnet requests and opt-in form submissions. However, passive or inactive behavior can also be a starting point to develop strategies to connect with the public, or improve email marketing campaigns.

Next, find out five common examples of consumer inaction:

1. No Purchase Was Made

If a person showed interest in your product but didn’t make a purchase, you should make an effort to close the sale. You can set up an automated email marketing campaign, activated to send messages in those cases of customers who are interested in a product but do not buy it. By doing so, you can motivate them to take action and complete the action you expect them to execute.

2. No Email Opens

The deliverability of your emails may be affected every time a person on your list chooses not to open the messages. In these cases, it’s essential to configure automatic email campaigns that make a continuous cleaning of the recipient list, deleting contacts that have not opened a message in a certain period of time (for example, in the last three or six months) .

You can also use the data obtained from user inaction to improve your psychographic segmentation strategy. If a person opens all your messages except those related to a particular product, you can rely on that information to send relevant content to that recipient.

3. No Email Clicks

Click-through rate is one of the metrics taken as an indicator of a campaign’s success. However, by applying reverse engineering you can obtain valuable data. By focusing on who is not clicking on your emails, you can track contacts that may have lost important content, and provide them with another opportunity to display the behavior you want.

4. No Repeat Purchases

In the case of customers who never made a second purchase, or who have not bought in months, through email marketing a recovery campaign can be carried out. However, doing this requires prior monitoring to determine which customers have stopped buying.

When a customer purchases your product or service for the first time, start an automated email marketing campaign a few weeks later if they haven’t made a second purchase, based on sales and the buying cycle of your business. The message you send to these customers may contain a special offer that motivates them to buy again. Also, you can schedule similar recovery messages to send it to inactive customers on a quarterly basis.

5. No Response To Follow-Up Sales Calls

Customer inaction may also be related to offline behaviors, such as sales activities. If you use an email marketing tool that includes a customer relationship management (CRM) or sales automation platform, you can track sales-related behaviors in order to send targeted messages.

An example of this would be the following: if a member of the sales team called a potential customer who showed interest in your product, but has not yet received an answer, they may repeat the call a certain number of times. However, if you follow closely the behavior of that particular client, you can also do it automatically through email marketing. Thus, you will reinforce the idea of ​​why your business or product is the right choice, and you will remind them why they were interested in the first place.

The power of email marketing is not in doubt, but it is even more powerful when creating automated campaigns based on strategic segmentation, taking into consideration both inaction and active customer behaviors. Using the inactions explained above to improve your email marketing strategy, your campaign results will improve significantly.

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