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Construction on BTI Marina Pointe Kicks-Off in Tampa

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BTI partners, a Lauderdale based firm, has begun work on their luxury units in Marina Ponte, Tampa.

The firms has kick-started construction on 150 units in deep water Marina. This project will be part BTI’s 52 acre mixed use development in Marina District. Once the project is completed, there will be three towers with luxury condos, whose design is expected to transform Tampa’s living standards.

Tower one will have 113 luxury condominiums and 7 townhouses with a good view of the St. Petersburg Skyline and Tampa Bay. Tower one will be completed in 2012. There is a luxury waterfront that was designed by Kobi Kar, and they feature open living spaces with floor to ceiling glass windows, verandas and deep terraces. Occupants will have a full view of sunrise and sunset.

The other project, dubbed full service marina, will be on a 13-acre plot. It will accommodate most vessels of length between 40 and 100 feet. Owners will have concierge services that will include maintenance, detailing, dock-master and boat charters.

The plan includes a walkable community at the intersection between South West Shore and Gandy, downtown of St. Petersburg and Tampa.

According to Noah Breakstone, CEO at BTI, the firm had envisioned a mixed-use but vibrant marina and water front community with a functional live, work and play aspects.

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