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Confirmed: Google Play Pass is Coming Soon


With gaming taking the world by a wave, tech giants are all investing in it. Epic game, Fortnite’s creators, for instance, have had such a huge reception that it is no wonder gamers have now become the target for companies looking to expand their consumer base. Fortnite fan base has grown to 125 million players converting to up to $2.4 billion in revenue.

In March, Apple launched Apple Arcade. Google was also rumored to be working on a similar subscription in August and is now ready to launch it. The two companies seem to have done their research well thus want to appeal to gamers as well.

With both Google and Apple, users will access premium games for a monthly fee. Apple Arcade will not adopt the free-to-play trend that allows users to play for free and lure them into paying as the game progresses. Apple’s subscription service will also have no ads similar to how Netflix operates.

Google has neither mentioned ads nor microtransactions, but chances are the company may mimic Apple Arcade. Unlike Apple’s subscription, Google’s Play Pass is rumored to be more comprehensive as it will cover more than just games.

Play Pass launch is soon although its developers have not mentioned the exact date for its release. Since Google is planning to host its Pixel event, the launch of the subscription will definitely come up. Gamers pull out your controllers as we wait for some new adventure courtesy of Google. We hope Play Pass will be a subscription worth waiting for.

Source Link: https://phandroid.com/2019/09/10/google-confirms-play-pass-subscription-service-will-be-launching-soon/


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