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Success is of two kinds. The first kind is the type one dreams to attain. The second and rarer type is one that is beyond your wildest dreams. Most people get close to achieving the first kind, but only a few out of millions of people manage to achieve the second kind. Success beyond your wildest dreams is difficult to come by and even more difficult to sustain. For some people, however, the second kind of success is the only success that matters!

One such person is Coach Meddy. Coach Meddy is a REPS registered French personal trainer and boxing coach in Dubai. He has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. Today, he is settled in Dubai and he trains various people such as professional football players, athletes, TV presenter and many others. Due to his outstanding achievements in the fitness world, Coach Meddy has been published in the press and in magazines. He is a well-known social media influencer and he is celebrated for his work in the sports and fitness industry. Coach Meddy has also been nominated as ‘Best Personal Trainer in UAE’ in 2017.

coach meddy

Even with all these achievements, Coach Meddy was sure about not wanting to restrict his expertise to celebrities who could afford to hire him. He wanted to share his knowledge with everyone. It is for this reason that he founded NA 39 Media with Nicolas Anelka. Nicolas Anelka is a celebrated French football player and manager.

More about NA 39 Media:

In the words of Coach Meddy, “Since quite some time, I wanted to increase the number of people whose life I could change. This is why I built the NA39 mobile app with my dear friend and business partner Nicolas Anelka.” Available on Google Play and App Store, this app is dedicated to fitness and the football world. The app will be a digital program of workout to our users. Users of this app can also watch me interview various celebrities about their fitness routines.

Coach Meddy has a unique workout style. While talking about his training technique, he says, “The reason why so many athletes come to me is because I have created a unique method of work adjusted to football players. This method is derived from martial arts conditioning. I call it MMF Protocol which stands for Mixed Martial and Football Protocol. MMF Protocol gives fast and sustainable results and is optimized with a specific nutrition plan. It helps improve mobility, coordination, strength, power, speed, and endurance. My training method also helps with fat loss, building lean muscles, and regularizing the hormonal system. Nicolas and I have incorporated the MMF Protocol in our mobile app NA 39 Media too.”

Coach Meddy and Nicolas Anelka are on the same page with their commitment to the world of fitness. They have each created a niche for themselves in their profession and they are now putting all their expertise together to share their knowledge with the world.

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