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Chrome 77 to Bring Site Isolation to Android’s Chrome


Site Isolation was last year introduced by Desktop’s Chrome 67 to help users keep attackers at bay. With this security feature, users were protected against Spectre-style security threats by making it harder for untrustworthy websites to access their information from websites they had visited.

This year, Site Isolation will be brought to chrome on Android by Chrome 77. When using chrome with the security feature, users and developers will not be able to tell that the feature is running in the background.

However, users might notice a slight slow-down in terms of performance which Google has notified to be one of the drawbacks of the feature.

Google has designed Site Isolation to run on high-value sites that usually require passwords when logging in. Examples of such sites include shopping sites and banks.

Site Isolation will currently be limited to high-value sites only to save on using too much device memory. In fact, the feature requires users to have 2 GB memory space in order to run it. This means that having low memory will exempt you from enjoying protection against spectre-like hacks.

Following this performance trade off, Google has promised its users that it will ensure that the situation will be improved so that chrome will not only be secure but fast as well.

Another improvement the tech giant has promised to upgrade is to extend Site Isolation to other sensitive sites other than the high-value sites.

That said, Site Isolation is an efficient upgrade to Android’s chrome especially if performance will be improved. For now, let’s enjoy the security bit first, shall we?

Source Link: https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/17/chrome-77-android-site-isolation/


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