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China First Self-Driving Artificial Intelligence


China is planning to develop the first self-driving artificial intelligence by the end of the next decade. China’s leading ride-sharing company has announced its first self-driving ride-sharing program to contribute to said goal.

A Chinese company which is called Didi Chuxing and is similar to Uber announced on Friday that it will launch self-driving vehicles to act as ride-sharing vehicles in Shanghai. According to the CNBC report, 30 cars will start in the pilot program with Level 4 self-driving capability.

The Society of Automotive Engineers scale of autonomy mentioned that hand control is not needed by level 4 self-driving cars but autonomy will remain limited to some modes and locations.

They also mentioned that these cars are considered as highly autonomous and not consider as fully autonomous which is a Level 5 self-driving car.

Cars with humans behind the wheel will also be a part of the program but the detailed information is not available yet. The Didi company also didn’t mention the exact launching date of these self-driving cars.

Currently, automakers and technology companies in the US has requested the federal government to move expediently on overhauling regulations for autonomous cars.

Not only do domestic companies want to be coordinated with technology but also there is a desire to cement themselves are frontrunners in the budding self-driving car sector.

According to federal regulation, any self-driving car still must have manual control. Currently, General Motors, Waymo, Ford and other automaker companies are all in the process of testing self-driving cars and developing future technology.

Source Link: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/china-didi-uber-self-driving-car/


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