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China Accuses Australia of Discriminating against Chinese Technology Companies


China, through its foreign ministry, has lashed out at what it calls Australia’s decision to ban technology company Huawei for its participation in launching 5G technology. China has also accused Australia of lecturing other sovereign nations.

This spat comes in the wake of Australian Prime minister’s comment during an interview where he urged the U.K to ban Huawei from taking part in launching 5G network systems.

In a recent interview where a question regarding the Prime Minister’s comments came up, and Australia pushing India to take up the same stance, China’s spokesperson Hua Chunying stated that this amounted to discrimination against a Chinese entity.

Australia is first on the list of U.S allies to ban Huawei from installing its own 5G platform. Canada and Britain are still thinking about whether to ban Huawei, a leading company in 5G technology, from taking part. They are facing immense pressure from the U.S to effect a ban.
According to Hua, Australia pulled the national security card as an excuse to ban Huawei and other companies from China from rolling out 5G technology. She also noted that Australia is constantly lecturing other nations about 5G technology and urging them to effect similar bans.

China feels that this immoral and disgraceful behavior goes against marketing tenets and rules. Hua also warns that such actions will harm the interests of Australians themselves. China continues to query the legality of the restrictions imposed by the U.S and Australia at the World trade organization.

Source Link: https://www.theage.com.au/world/asia/australia-blatantly-discriminating-against-chinese-companies-china-20190913-p52r2n.html

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