south korea ico

ICO ban in South Korea to be challenged in court by a Blockchain startup

The ICO ban in South Korea has been challenged many times, however it were just outcries against the governments, mostly from Blockchain companies, which were sometimes foreign. This time the  initiators of... Read more »
canaan creative

Canaan Creative selling off old mining gear

The problem with mining cryptocurrencies is not a new one. It is no secret that most f the companies that used to deal with mining business are now selling all of their outdated... Read more »
what is bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Introduction Bitcoin as a digital cryptocurrency that serves as a monetary value that can be traded within the limits of blockchain technology in order to safely handle digital transactions through the blockchain... Read more »
Bitcoin Fraud

Bitcoin Fraud leads to year and a half in Jail

At this point, it is safe to say that cryptocurrencies have taken off. By taken off we mean that they have become a widespread asset for the trading community. However, every time... Read more »

BitGo planning on adding 100 Crypto Assets

There is absolutely no doubt now that cryptocurrencies are developing at a more rapid pace than any other industry. Although the volumes are not nearly as big as Forex or stocks, it’s... Read more »
mint crypto

Mint Crypto to make an institutional crypto exchange platform

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are directly connected to technologies. As a matter of fact, cryptos are technologies themselves. Therefore it’s natural that tech companies are interested in it. For example,... Read more »
Crypto bank

Switzerland to feature a Crypto Bank

Cryptocurrencies are expected to operate pretty much anywhere in the world. So why can’t they operate in the “Bank of the World?”. The EU is known to have insufficient regulations for crypto... Read more »

Zeniex closing down because of government pressure

Cryptocurrencies are very popular in the Asian sector, it can be said that they basically became popular thanks to the Asian sector. Chinese, Japanese and Korean users have been a lot more... Read more »

The Best Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange Of 2018

The Best Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange of 2018 Spectrocoin has positioned itself to become the best instant cryptocurrency exchange of 2018. This reputable company allows individuals to purchase Bitcoin and other digital tokens... Read more »
Taiwan crypto

Taiwan forbids anonymous transactions on cryptos

In many countries, cryptocurrencies are still considered as a serious security issue. Not being able to trace transactions creates some serious problems for governments to identify any money laundering schemes happening within... Read more »