NYC crypto scammer fined with $2.5 million

After cryptocurrencies became so popular, it is no wonder that they started attracting so many scammers. Every industry that is starting to feature a lot of customers always attracts someone who wants... Read more »
Blockchain training

Cryptocurrency In And Around The Developing Countries Across The Globe

With the changing calculus of the currencies today, Bitcoin has increasingly gained the interest of masses. Although there is not much of its value that has changed over the years, yet there... Read more »
Importance Of Cryptocurrency For Online Casinos

Importance Of Cryptocurrency For Online Casinos

Currently there are less than 20% of the world’s online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies. The majority that do deal exclusively in Bitcoin. As the most recent worldwide medium of exchange, cryptocurrency or alternate... Read more »

Almost $1 billion stolen with Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Cryptocurrencies have had the wonderful year of 2018. It is even said that the ending of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 is one of the most successful periods for crypto traders... Read more »
The UAE is turning ICOs into legitimate funding options

The UAE is turning ICOs into legitimate funding options

Local businesses in the United Arab Emirates are going to receive a very nice boost if they are delving into the cryptocurrency market. Dubai has been a long time business center of the... Read more »
bitcoin donation taiwan

In Taiwan a politician has accepted a bitcoin donation in 2018

Candidate Receives First Crypto Donation in Taiwan Hsiao Hsin-Chen, a New Power Party candidate for Taipei City Council is the first Taiwanese politician who has accepted a donation in crypto currency. He... Read more »

Bitcoin is Reaching a Turning Point in a Big Way

Is Bitcoin approaching a turning point? Since its inception less than a decade ago, Bitcoin has rapidly evolved into a trusted and widely accepted currency form. To be sure, the Bitcoin-USD conversion... Read more »
Dubai blockchain

Dubai Is Building Its Own Blockchain Powered Government

This week, Dubai’s project called Smart Dubai made it possible to have the payment portal of the government become blockchain-based. The initiative’s goal is to make the city the happiest and smartest... Read more »
Tokyo 2020

Ripple could blow up before the 2020 Olympics

Cryptocurrencies have brought in a lot of innovation in the transactions we use daily. They have given us more options that are trusted and easy. No wonder that large corporations have started... Read more »
Importance Of Cryptocurrency For Online Casinos

How to Earn Bitcoins For Free

2018 – Opportunities in Bitcoin Earnings There are many ways to acquire bitcoins in 2018. Most people buy them, but they can be earned. Some people even get them free. Of course,... Read more »