Stablecoin Volatility Comparison Shows Element Zero as Completely Stable

Element Zero not only talks the talk but walks the walk as shown in their testnet release. It’s not your typical stablecoin and stands out and is distancing themselves from the rest... Read more »
element zero network

Element Zero: Controlling Crypto Price Volatility

One of the major issues for cryptocurrencies continues to be price volatility. Several coins lost a huge percentage of their value since the industry’s bear run beginning in March 2018: Bitcoin (BTC)... Read more »

Jointer Wins “Most Promising” at Venture Competition: Tokenization Platform Captures Investors’ Attention

Once again,’s tokenization platform is turning heads. And it’s definitely with the right crowd at the 8th Annual CMU Summit on U.S. – China Innovation and Entrepreneurship held Friday in Pittsburgh.... Read more » – the Assessible Tokenization Solution

Recent announcements heralding the tokenization of properties in New York and Miami have been met with much interest and excitement in the commercial real estate industry. Could this be the beginning of... Read more »
Cryptocurrency regulation

An infographic detailing the Cryptocurrency industry around the world

We all are aware of the fact that cryptocurrencies are extremely popular in the world. However, most people don’t understand exactly what scale the popularity is at right now. In order to... Read more »

Jointer brings to real estate and tokenization what WeWork did to office space – Access

Jointer can tokenize an unlimited number of properties at once while giving everyone access to the commercial real estate market by generating profits from purchasing and selling property performance. WeWork gives access... Read more »

Coinbase Introduces Cloud Storage Keys; The SEC gets Closer to a Crypto ETF

Coinbase has launched its own cloud storage wallet software promoting its ability to be a standalone entity.  Those who use the Coinbase wallet are the only holder of their private cloud store... Read more »
The First Bank To Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency

JPMorgan On The Road Of Becoming The First Bank To Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency

The head of JPMorgan`s blockchain operations, Umar Farooq had told CNBC about trials of the JPM Coin that are going to start in the upcoming months and three use cases have already... Read more »
Netherlands crypto

Crypto Startups in the Netherlands may face failure

Some new interesting information has been released by the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS) on the 18th of January.  It has been reported that the Dutch government is considering tight regulations on the... Read more »
Japan license

Demands for crypto license in Japan

There is no need to specify the state of Japan at this point. It has been said many times that Japan is living in the 24th century, while us foreigners are struggling... Read more »