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Trump Wants to Buy Greenland, Likens Transactions to a “Large Real Estate Deal”

US President Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland from Denmark, suggesting it would be “strategically nice” for the US to own the territory. Trump confirmed on Sunday that the idea of... Read more »
Daro Apartments

Daro Apartments: The Sedgwick Garden’s management company soon to attend Housing Event at the American University

Sedgwick Gardens Apartments in Cleveland Park provides you with easy access to this beautiful neighborhood’s amenities and pleasures. For pet owners and lovers, Sedgwick Gardens Apartments in Cleveland Park could be the... Read more »

Want to Hire Cross Country Movers?

Got a promotion and you want a place that is nearest to your new job? Are you going to a new state like New York to study at a university? Are you... Read more »

Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Development

Being a real estate agent work is not an easy task. To create a real estate development, a prior work of the company is required: looking for projects that have certain characteristics... Read more »

Want a Property: Consult a Professional

When selling or renting a property it is important to have a professional and trained Real Estate Agent. Our agents specialize in giving personalized advice to clients who want to sell their... Read more »