Supporting a Broad Range of Corporations: Investment Banking

The work of investment banking consists of carrying out advisory functions or designing complex operations as well as financing them. Participates in mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of companies, flotations, capital increases, takeovers... Read more »
forex shark system

Forex Shark System Software, Tips, Tricks And More

Forex Shark System: What You Need To Know Have you ever considered investing in Forex trading? Perhaps you might have been, but the negative perception associated with this type of business might... Read more »

FXOpen joins the crew in MT5

Forex brokers have been on the market for a long time now. However, many of them have been very reluctant to change their ways of trading. For so many of those years,... Read more »
china russia

China and Russia are getting closer and closer

The biggest market in our world is currently China. However, because of the numerous regulations that the government has put on trading and business, it is very hard to tap into that... Read more »

Communications services now delivered by DTCC

In the next few months, we can start expecting a completely new centralized communications service for the mutual fund industry. The culprit of this news is the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporations... Read more »

Yet another clone caught by the FCA

In order to scam its customer base. A lot of brokers go unimaginable lengths in order to achieve their goals. Sometimes it may be sponsorships or large sums of money directed towards... Read more »

Who are venture capitalists and what are their responsibilities?

Obtaining the resources to facilitate the opening of a company is the dream of many new entrepreneurs, especially after taking “no” for trying to get a loan in banks. In addition to... Read more »
Microsoft Office

Broker clients disappointed with Microsoft

Microsoft always has a way with innovation. Most of their innovations have been warranted, they were wanted and needed. But ever since they grew into a large corporation, conquered the world and... Read more »
cmc markets

CMC Markets CCO accused of fraud?

The CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) of CMC Markets Farzim Nazari has been accused of refurbishment and rigging of the maintenance of CMC’s building, all of which comes to a hefty amount of... Read more »
bank of nova scotia

Nova Scotia facing $800,000 and more in fines for spoofing

It is believed that the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) has been hit with quite a lot of gold and silver futures contract spoofs by the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS). The BNS... Read more »