Countries Seek to Tap Migrants’ Money as Source of Finance

An increasing number of countries are looking to take advantage of the money related assets of their abroad populations, by luring their remittances and savings into diaspora bonds. The over $500bn of... Read more »

Elanco to Buy Bayer’s Animal Health Unit in $7.6 Billion Deal

Elanco Animal Health (ELAN.N) has confirmed that it would buy Bayer’s (BAYGn.DE) veterinary drugs unit. The cash and stock deal is valued at $7.6 billion. The purchase will create the second largest... Read more »
Blaze4days Reaches New Milestone in Second Quarter

Blaze4days Reaches New Milestone in Second Quarter

Blaze4days has always been at the forefront of research in cannabis-related products. The company spend considerably more than any other on making its products enjoyable and to keep new varieties of products... Read more »

South Africa just declared Crypto as a hobbyist “financial instrument”

South Africa has just published the Taxation Laws Amendment Act and according to it, all kind of cryptocurrencies became financial instruments for the purposes of tax law. The tax law consists of... Read more »

Accounting Error! Plus500 shares plunge

Plus500 shares have just plunged to a record low within the last year or so. The company admitted to having a serious mistake with the accounting process this month. It turned out... Read more »

AvaTrade scores a $153,000 fine

Before we dive into discussing what caused the fine, it needs to be clarified that the branch in question here is the Israeli Branch. Therefore the discussion needs to be undergone through... Read more »
Dow grows 1,086 points in a powerful comeback

Dow grows 1,086 points in a powerful comeback

Stock markets staged a miraculous comeback Wednesday following their worst-ever Christmas Eve. The Dow posted its biggest daily point gain ever. The Dow rose 1,086 points, gaining 5%. The S&P 500 also soared... Read more »
gold 2018

Is gold a good investment in 2018?

Numerous investors are looking for safe assets with all of the economic turmoil taking place today. Investing in the stock market is a proven way to build wealth. However, some people worry... Read more »
gazprombank cryptos

Gazprombank launching Crypto Trading in 2019

Cryptocurrency has been on the lips of every financial expert these days. Some you may have heard urging the trading community to sell their assets and migrate to a more solid market,... Read more »
south korea crypto tax

South Korea to introduce a cryptocurrency tax

South Korea has been a hub of cryptocurrencies lately. Their advances in the digital world truly make it a safe haven for some savvy entrepreneurs of the crypto sphere. Even behemoths of... Read more »