Patrick Kogler The man with the hundred talents

Patrick Kogler – The man with the hundred talents

If there is someone who has brought countless hobbies to perfection, then it is the 26-year-old entrepreneur, mentor and coach, Patrick Kogler. For him it has always been very important to test... Read more »
Essay About Bakery Business

Essay About Bakery Business

The person I contacted was Jon Smith, the owner of the local bakery. His operation produces delicious bread and rolls that are later sold in local stores with the logo “Smith’s Bakery”.... Read more »

Leadership skills for an entrepreneur

A successful business idea is an outcome of a hardworking team and most importantly, with the guidance of a strong leader.  An entrepreneur strikes as a leader throughout the life of his... Read more »

Relational Blockchain platform: ChromaWay

New crypto companies are starting up left, right and center. It is becoming hard to keep up with all the new names. Today is no different as a new startup just hit... Read more »

Teslaquilla soon to be available in stores

Elon Musk is one of the most charming philanthropists in the world today. he used to be just a kid from South Africa. But eventually he grew into the youngling that created PayPal,... Read more »
Australian Friendly Online Casinos

Australian Friendly Online Casinos

Australian Friendly Online Casinos is proud to announce that it has ranked a large number of Australian friendly online casinos. This website prides itself on providing information for those Down Under... Read more »

Portrait Photographer Rodney Torres: The Rising Artist Everyone Must Know

Given the global influence of master Dutch portraitists in the seventieth century, it’s not surprising that modern photographer like Rodney Torres prioritizes the portrayal of individuals through his photographs. The golden age... Read more »
Elon Musk

Elon Musk confirmed Tesla in Profitable and Cash Flow Positive

Wall Street analysts have also questioned whether Tesla would need to raise more cash, but Elon Musk on the call said that he expected the company to be henceforth profitable and cash... Read more »