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Casino.buzz Has Officially Launched Their Ranking Of The Best Bitcoin Online Casinos


Thursday, August 9, 2018 – Casino.buzz, a review site that provides up-to-date lists and rankings for slot machines and casinos on the internet, recently launched an official page on their website for the top ten online casinos that accept Bitcoin.

Due to the increased popularity of cryptocurrency, more online casinos are now allowing players to gamble with the digital tokens, and there are even a few centered entirely around the use of crypto. Unfortunately, with their numbers, it can be hard to keep track of which sites are legitimate and which are scams. While Casino.buzz does encourage users to do their own research and use their discretion, they do their best to ensure they’re providing useful and accurate information that will help their users make the right decision.

The website is user-friendly and valuable for both beginners and high rollers. Reviews offer a full assessment of everything from a casino’s website to their payment methods, payout speed, customer service, security, and return percentages, and lists are updated regularly. Users can also see the experiences of other users with specific casino websites, and get exposed to brand new and up-and-coming online casinos.


“Our goal is to become the number one source for everything related to online gambling,” said a Casino.buzz representative. “Integrating a Bitcoin section is just another step we’re taking to make this a reality. There are so many players who use cryptocurrency to gamble online already.”

The 2018 list of the Top 10 Online Casinos Who Accept Bitcoin can be found here.

Casino.buzz is a website that aims to provide the most accurate assessments, news, and reviews on everything related to online gambling, and allow its users to make informed decisions on where to play to win.

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