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Carmelo Anthony Needs a Farewell Season In the NBA; If That Isn’t Possible, Allowing Him Play In World Cup Will Be a Good Sendoff


Last week Royce White raised a question why Carmelo Anthony isn’t in the NBA. Anthony is ten time All-Star and three-time Olympic gold medalist. The 35-year-old forward is no doubt a Hall of Famer.

There are no good reasons why well known Carmelo should not be FIBA World Cub roster. The star played ten games last season although his health was good. His popularity ought to be honored by allowing to play at least for one season to have a proper farewell.

Most of Melo games have gone down, and indeed he is weak in the field. He is no longer able to shoot as he did in his prime. This is something normal, especially when players reach the mid-30s. He is also poorly suited for the three shooter spot with only a 34.7 percent which is below the league average.

On the defense, Carmelo has never been sharp right from his prime years. And now that he has aged, he is even much awful. Melo wasn’t a good rebounder in his prime years and now that he is old isn’t going to come close to that. It’s thus unclear what Carmelo would be contributing to the 2019 World FIBA World Cup.

Although signing Carmelo wouldn’t be a good strategy of winning, at least it would be a nice for a future Hall of Famer candidate to have a proper sendoff from the league and fans. But the only challenge that Carmelo is facing is that he has no home team to go back. In his best season, he played for Denver, but they are not ready to reserve him a place in their roster. In the Knicks, he left unceremoniously, and they have already signed new forwards.

So if it is hard to put him in the NBA roster, why not let Melo play in the World Cup where his star has shined brightest. No one will be displeased if Carmelo is given a spot on the roster. He will at least have time to wear the jersey on the court and say goodbye to everyone.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/blackballed-please-heres-why-carmelo-anthony-has-no-place-in-nba/ar-AAGeoq2

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