Canadian Government has Investment $750 Million over Five Years to Re-capitalize Sustainable Development Technology Canada

While Canada’s Government is putting down the foundation for a healthier, more resilient, and more prosperous future, it continues to safeguard Canadians and support them through this pandemic. As Canada builds back better and more governments, organizations, and individual consumers seek environmentally friendly products and services, clean technologies will play a more vital role than ever. That is why the government makes clean technology the primary concern and is committed to supporting the talented Canadian innovators. They are carving out Canada’s share of clean exports, growth, and jobs.

The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, stressed the Government of Canada’s  $750 million investment over five years to recapitalize Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). On December 11, the investment, part of the government’s strengthened climate plan, a Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy, broadcasted by Prime Minister Trudeau, would ensure SDTC for supporting even more organizations as they bring Canadian innovations to the world and establish and commercialize clean technologies.

This is investment will place a larger emphasis on attracting investment and increasing the number of larger-scale projects that provide the substantial potential to decarbonize industrial sectors in Canada as it is the single largest investment in SDTC ever made by the Government of Canada. These projects would provide new solutions for decarbonization, creating jobs in a low-carbon economy and increasing Canada’s industrial competitiveness. This investment will assist the country in outpacing competitors, ensure Canadians have good, well-paying jobs now, and attract more investment in the future as Canada is already a leader in several clean technology areas.


The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry, stated that the government plans for a cleaner and more robust economy. Their support of Sustainable Development Technology Canada will assist get the country there.

Navdeep added that the investment assists additional Canada’s leadership in clean technologies to benefit every Canadian from more economic opportunities and healthier communities. Canada’s cleantech innovators will assist in driving the transition to a low-carbon economy while maintaining and creating good, well-paying jobs for Canadians across the nation. This investment is on the businesspersons who will lead the changeover to a zero-carbon, zero-waste economy. He added that Canadian cleantech organizations are doing strange things, and they are proud to increase their support for them as they develop economic and environmental prosperity for Canadians.


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