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Broker clients disappointed with Microsoft

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Microsoft always has a way with innovation. Most of their innovations have been warranted, they were wanted and needed. But ever since they grew into a large corporation, conquered the world and produced the world’s wealthiest man, they started to make some unnecessary changes to their core product, Windows. This month it was a complete disaster when Microsoft’s Windows 10 update made quite a lot of broker clients unhappy. It turned out that some user files were being deleted as a result of the update. Many broker customer service call centers found themselves on the edge of their seats as customer complaints kept piling up without an end in sight.

However, Microsoft managed to stop the updates, but numerous reports still came in about users losing most of their files, which may still be unrestorable. Not only were the files affected by the update, but a lot of the users saw that their passwords on MetaTrader were disappearing and changing. Because of this many brokers had a couple of rough hours in order to deal with all the complaints and password updates. how this affected the market is still to be documented. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and has completely suspended the October Update. However, this was an action in desperation, many think that such a tech giant cannot afford such mistakes, the issue is yet to be resolved.

What could this mean?

The residue of the issue is sure to stay for a couple of weeks, because of the fact that many traders are still requiring access to their accounts in order to revive the market. So little activity may have given the edge to the unaffected users, so brokers may have to think of some ways to compensate these people should the need arise. However, what is most interesting is the changes this could have made to the market. Demand would have surely slowed down, therefore decreasing prices on some of the largest trading assets, leaving them up for grabs to everyone who could.

Unfortunately, this update is still being processed to find out what actually happened and why it affected these people so much. Some experts even think that these kinds of updates and direct access to people’s files and passwords is a very concerning factor about Microsoft, are they going down the road of Facebook? Only time will tell.

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