The British Horseracing Association has come up with a plan to restore racing activities in front of the spectators. The association published Racing Recovery Plan.

The horseracing was suspended on March 18 due to the COVID19 pandemic. However, it resumed from June 1, behind the closed doors. The association now plans to bring spectators to further boost the recovery of the racing. However, it has ensured to look after the safety measurements as well considering the COVID19 has not really been arrested so far.

As per the report, BHA realizes that there is a huge challenge ahead. It has termed it an economic storm that is ahead for the horseracing. The reports mention that prize money levels for all racing have been impacted as the revenues would never reach the potential unless the crowd is permitted. However, there is no certain date as of now for allowing the spectators for the horse racing.

The report further elaborates on the ability of British races to compete internationally at this point in time. Rate of cost recovery for the small owners on their expenditure has been a concern with current restrictions, things have been worse.

The plan as per the BHA has seven workstreams to achieve nine stipulated goals. The key aim however to restore the full day racing activity with maximum audience maintaining social distancing protocols. For 2021 fixtures, BHA would look to ensure the goal.

In another goal prize money to be reduced but maximized considering the financial constraints. The BHA would also prepare a Blueprint for the British Horseracing along with the owners in confidence.

However, BHA admits that the goals are easy to express but harder to achieve. BHA Chief Regulatory Officer Brant Dunshea is looking after the resumption of race day activity along with David Armstrong, Racecourse Association Chief Executive.

Armstrong indicated that the work has already started. He further said that the industry worked well to resume behind closed doors, first major sporting events to resume. They need to now work towards the recovery goal for 2021.

Financial goals workstream is the responsibility of Armstrong, BHA Chief Executive Richard Wayman, and Charlie Liverton, Racehorse Owners Association chief executive and representative of the Horsemen’s Group. Together they plan to build an economic assessment and a financial case for recovery.

Outgoing BHA Chief Executive, Nick Rust, and Liverton will lead the investors and owners’ workstream to develop an action plan. Liverton said that the recovery plan is meant to protect the long-term future of the sport and also formalize collaboration between the stakeholders.

Dawn Goodfellow, Racing Welfare chief executive, and BHA executive director Will Lambe are to lead the workstream on people. They will deal with the COVID19 impact and on staff. David Sykes would work on the workstream of Equine Welfare.
There are other workstreams for long-term funding and enablers.

Talking about the plan, Nick Rust mentioned that the entire industry is united and seeks to move ahead.

Source: https://www.igamingbusiness.com/news/bha-eyes-spectators-return-racing-recovery-plan

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