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Bosch Unveils Electric Stroller Tech that can Carry your Baby Uphill


It is not just adults who enjoy the benefits of electrified transportation. Bosch has developed a stroller, dubbed stroller that uses dual electric motors as well as sensors to help parents reduce the amount of effort applied to push a stroller and maintain control.

The new stroller will gather information relating to the road surface and help the adult push it uphill. It will also be able to break while going downhill and maintain direction in areas with lateral slope. Your stroller will also be able to stop if you encounter fierce winds.

The power system comes with its own advantages. Although it has a 9-mile range, which will not let you go that far, the batteries offer 18 volts and they are replaceable like those in power tools. The best part is that you can borrow batteries from drills made by the same company and place them in the stroller.

You can easily charge the stroller via a USB port. The stroller can also be linked to your phone via Bluetooth. Linking the stroller with your phone helps you prevent people from stealing it. In case you are wondering, the stroller can be pushed manually in case the battery runs out of power.

The stroller is a perfect fit for single or twin siblings. Bosch will not be vending the models. They will work with other stakeholders who will use this technology in their strollers.

The Swedish company Emmaljunga will be among the first to launch this kind of stroller in 2020. More companies are expected to launch theirs thereafter.

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