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Blueprint Gaming strikes Online Casinos with Lightning Strike Megaways slot game

The brand new Lightning Strike Megaways slot machine has recently launched from Blueprint Gaming and release on many of the internet’s most popular casino platforms. This particular slot features five reels that can pay on up to 15625 lines. This slot offers a wide betting range so that casual players and high rollers have the opportunity to enjoy this slot machine for what its worth.

A magical theme has been integrated into this slot machine with the intent to strike players from a different perspective. This philosophy has worked in the first several weeks of this slot being live, as it has received positive feedback from may common casino players.

There are wild bonus features that are headlined by the all new lightning strike bonus feature that can be triggered randomly from spinning the reels. A major jackpot could be looming for players that are lucky enough to land the lucky strike. The standard marginal symbols still apply with this slot, typically ranging from a low number like 9, all the way up to Aces and wild symbols.

Can Players Strike the Jackpot with the Lightning Strike Slot?

One major factor that Blueprint Gaming took into deep consideration when developing this slot machine is the concept of exploring visual cues to trigger the emotion of players while playing the slot. The speed of the reels, the background theme, and the symbols speeding onto the screen are all aspects that feel polished and especially fitted for this particular slot machine.

Blueprint Gaming has partnerships with many of the largest casino platforms in the industry. Players who have not yet gotten a taste of this all knew lightning strike slot machine will surely have the opportunity at casinos that partner with the slot developer.

When it comes to specifications and whether the jackpot is appealing to players, it is important to note that the baseline return is positioned at exactly 96.5%. This means that there is a 3.5% house edge when playing this slot machine. While this type of house edge is fairly common, there are some slot machines that offer higher returns to their players. There are certainly some other Megaways slot machines from Blueprint Gaming that are more likely to pay out a significant jackpot.

There is no doubt that the lightning strike slot machine provides a fresh touch to players looking for a new theme and bonus mode. The slot has already received some extremely positive initial feedback from players that got an early opportunity to play the slot from Blueprint Gaming. The slot is current available to play for real money at any of the Blueprint Gaming Casino platforms. LadyLucks and FruityCasa are among the most popular casinos that already feature the Lightning Strike Megaways slot to their players.

The Final Strike

The Lightning Strike Megaways slot came out to a thundering applause when it launched in the middle of February 2019 to the Blueprint Gaming casinos. There is never any certainty when a slot launches for the first time, as there could always be negative reception. As far as this particular test goes, the Lightning Strike Megaways has bolted out with an exceptional early impression.

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