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Blaze4days Reaches New Milestone in Second Quarter

Blaze4days Reaches New Milestone in Second Quarter
Blaze4days Reaches New Milestone in Second Quarter
Blaze4days Reaches New Milestone in Second Quarter
Blaze4days Reaches New Milestone in Second Quarter

Blaze4days has always been at the forefront of research in cannabis-related products. The company spend considerably more than any other on making its products enjoyable and to keep new varieties of products coming at regular intervals.

At the beginning of May 2019, Blaze4days CEO announced that they will be talking up their CBD research and development to the next level.

Until now they have been spending 20% of their net profit in sales to research and development of new and improved cannabis products. After Blaze4day saw their instant success in new products during an investor meeting the company decided that from now on they will be spending 40%, instead of 30%, in the development of their new cannabis product line.

During an interview the Blaze4days CEO, he said “We are always looking to add new things and give our customer a new experience. An experience that only unique to Blaze4days products”. By the end of the interview he also accidentally revealed that they were working a new Blaze4days CBD oil product.

It came to our knowledge when we asked the question, “What do you do when you cross your quarterly income mark”. He then proceeded to tell us that they were investing any extra penny they get into the development of a secret Blaze4days CBD Oil product that is soon to hit the markets.

It took Blaze4days a few years to get started but once they were in the market, the market was theirs for the taking. And that is exactly what they did.

As the years went by the profits of the Blaze4days kept on doubling or even quadrupling each year. As a result, instead of just selling cannabis products, on the directions from Blaze4days CEO the company started to their own research and development department.

This new department started working on developing new cannabis products and performing research in CBD and CBD oils.

According to Blaze4days CEO, this research division was one of their largest investments at the time and they were uncertain of the results. But it was their belief that to provide a new sensation to their customers they must take steps that no one else is talking. Thus, they took the reins in their own hand and sped up the process. Instead of waiting for a new product to come into the markets they were adamant to be the ones who develop and introduce new cannabis products.

In this quarter alone Blaze4Days has spent over half a million dollars on their research and are looking to increase their budget soon.

The company has delivered on his promise in the past and there is no doubt in the fact that they have the capability to stay true to their claims and possess the capital to continue their quest for a better and healthier cannabis product. Blaze4days is truly in a class of their own.

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