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Biding website and App for Facilitating Anywhere Auctions to take off in Melbourne

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Auctioneers and buyers will no longer have to attend and sit through an auction if this new app is anything to go by. Times have changed and having to attend an auction is no longer a requirement for people to purchase under the auctioneer’s hammer.

Real estate brokers and agencies have taken to anywhere auctions, an online platform that lets a buyer watch or even bid real-time through a website and application. A new homebuyer who could not leave work to attend the auction of a Coburg home becomes the first online buyers.

Rocco Siciliano, a group director at Barry Plant inner City, stated that the winner outdid and outlasted several other bidders and managed to buy the three-bedroom home on 8 Service Street for $697000, which is about $37000 over the reserve value. The buyers also signed purchase contracts online to seal the deal without having to leave her workstation.

Another success story of Anywhere Auctions is that if a bidder from Dubai, a property located in Melbourne and a Perth based vendor. Mr.

Sicilliano states that this platform has been in use for about four months now and he is hoping that it will be adopted into an everywhere auction platform soon.

This platform was developed out of need and frustration that is usually experienced by investors because most miss great deals. Most potential buyers are not able to attend every auction that comes up due to other commitments. This often the case in most parts of Melbourne where there are many auctions each month.

This platform also gives buyers the opportunity to jump on a deal and make a good offer in a bid to outdoor others it eliminates reliance on stand-in buyers who may cancel on the last minute because they cannot make it to the auction.

Seasoned auctioneers feel that online bidding is the stepping-stone that will take the real estate sector to the next level. Technology will help to bring onboard new buyers for whom mobile devices are the norm. Such buyers rely on handheld devices to accomplish most of their needs, and this is what everywhere auction is looking to exploit.

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