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Between Australia and England Who Will Win the Final Test Ashes At Old Trafford?


The fourth Test will not depend on physical toughness, but having the right attitude and mental preparedness. Let’s look at how the Test could be won.

1. The mindset

Winning is all about the mindset, at Headingley Paine men should have seen the glass as half full and no need of topping up. But the optimism approach made them continue topping up the glass and finally ended up drawing with England. Australian felt like the Ashes has just been stolen from them. Despite being a great team and carrying out a recommendable business, they gave up the fight at Headingley. They need to take that lesson seriously as they head to the final two Tests.

2. The all-conquering all-rounder

Ben Stokes returning in the ultimate two-Test will likely shape England performance this summer. He has starred in international matches and in great Test of all time. Ben is coming off hundreds of back-to-back Test. Stoke is England greatest weapon, at Headingley, he put bowlers under pressure. Australian, however, should not fear him.

3. The return of the batting ace

The return of Steve Smith will give Australia confidence though England has Jofra Archer with his speedy balls. Archer will get short stuff though he is smart and will get him out. England is, however, confidence to oust Smith.

4. The England top four

England has acknowledged that Jason Roy shouldn’t be in high order. He had been a destructive opener in limited over format, but the Australians are confidence they have his medicine. He has made 57 runs in six innings, Roy usually comes to the ball when full and is caught behind. England option is to bring stroke players in; Roy, Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow, and Jos Buttler; they can move the game in a hurry.

5. The spinners

At Old Trafford, the slower bowlers are set to have a heavier workload than at Headingley. The Old Trafford pitch has been likened to Edgbaston. A few years back, Lyon had a difficult time there, but you should know he has confidence about his skill. Jack Leach will also be England big boost.

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