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Best Flowers Choice for Each Occasion

Best Flowers Choice for Each Occasion
Best Flowers Choice for Each Occasion
Best Flowers Choice for Each Occasion
Best Flowers Choice for Each Occasion

What is the perfect gift you could give to anybody at any occasion? This was the most difficult thing to decide until and unless the flowers become the best gift ever for anyone at any occasion. There are hundreds of types of flowers like different types of roses, lilies, sunflowers, tropical flowers, and even the paper flowers are also gifted sometimes to be kept as a decoration forever. At a number of occasions, you can’t always get to decide what to present as a gift so finally, the flowers prove to be the best gift ever. Let’s see which types of flowers suit best with a particular occasion.

  1. Valentine’s Day

The best flowers considered for the Valentine‘s Day are the roses but Chrysanthemum are also preferred by some couples. Before gifting your love a rose, keep in mind that each rose has its own symbolization. Such as white rose indicated purity, the yellow rose shows friendship, the pink one is given to praise and admire while the red one is associated with love. Mostly the red flowers are gifted to the loved ones on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The choice matters the most, so if your spouse does not like roses you may gift her the pink tulips. A bouquet of roses on Valentine’s may contain all red, red and pink or mixed colors but not yellow roses much as it is mentioned above they are associated with friendship.

  1. Wedding Day

There is no particular way to decorate your wedding with flowers. You can use multi kinds of flowers to give your wedding event a desired look. The trends of using flowers change each year and there is not specific norm or restriction of using a certain type of flowers on wedding as a fashion. So the bride and groom can choose whatever type they want to decorate their wedding venue accordingly.

  1. Birthday

Don’t know what to gift the birthday boy/girl at the birthday? Get some favorite flowers of the recipient if you know otherwise there is a variety of flowers which can be gifted at the birthdays. Roses, jasmine, lily or daisy, any flower is suitable for the birthday occasion. However, there is also symbolization of each flower presented as a birthday present. For example, Daisy symbolizes the modesty, Pink Carnation show gratitude, Red Chrysanthemum indicates sharing and Gardenia is for the joy. The Yellow Rose symbolized friendship and the Jasmine is given to show grace. Now there are a number of choices from which you can select the most appropriate one.

  1. Funerals

Hydrangeas and Yellow Daylilies are suitable for the funerals because the Yellow Daylilies symbolize the soul leaving the body. Blooming Chrysanthemums are reserved for the decoration of the grave in many European countries but to one’s surprise, these flowers are a symbol of rebirth and life in United States while these flowers are considered a symbol of peace and comfort in Japan.

  1. Mother’s Day

Again, the choice of your mother comes first and matters the most. If she likes a certain kind of flowers, gift her a bouquet of those flowers but if she likes all the flowers equally, then make a beautiful bouquet of different flowers which give different messages. Pink and red are such colors which show love and admiration. Gerbera Daisies, Carnation, Roses and yellow tulips or lilies best for such occasion and a sweet bouquet of all these flowers would go best. Just go with the best option among all and surprise your mother with beautiful flowers on this special occasion.

  1. Get Well Soon

Each occasion or event has particular flowers associated particularly for it so while visiting some sick person you just can’t take any flower. Just notice where you are going to see the patient, either at home or hospital because the choice of flowers also depends on this factor. If you are going to visit a patient at his home, take marigold and daffodils but do not ever think about taking yellow daylilies because these flowers are associated with the death and funerals. Choose wisely and make sure your flowers really leave a good and positive impact on the patient. Irises and tulips are best to be taken to visit a patient at hospital because these flowers do not have a sharp fragrance.

Flowers lit up each occasion and are best for all kinds of formalities. They can be presented as a gift,, to show love and affection and to just decorate your home or any venue. Flowers are the best way of expression and hence, hold the global importance.

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