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Best Cars For Newbie Drivers


Most people get their first car when they are in their early and mid 20’s. This is usually a time when one is just starting out with work and has an entry to mid-level job. Due to this, it is vital that they go for something that is fuel and cost efficient.

It is also important to get something that does not break easily. It is vital that you do not go for an over the top or flashy car at this stage of your life unless you are an extremely high earner. For most people, buying an expensive or flashy car early on during their life can lead to financial hardships as well as extreme stress which can take place over years.

Young drivers are also likely to make many mistakes as they get more familiar with roads and driving in general. This adds to the importance of why it is a must to get a strong vehicle as your first.

The following are three cars that are worth considering as your first vehicle.

1.Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto is probably one of the best budget cars around and is also light on fuel. It is porbably one of the best picks to be your first car today.

2. Ford Fiesta

This small car proves that dynamites can come in small packages as it has a good reputation. The Fiesta is known for being a smooth vehicle to drive. It will give you a smooth ride as you are riding to your examination venue to write do or die papers.

3. Chevrolet Spark

If you go to any University Campus throughout the World, chances are that you will see a lot of Chevrolet Spark vehicles parked there. The design of the car is attractive and it is affordable as well as safe. It also has a big boot which will help you carry your books to University or items for a week-end road trip with friends.

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