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Benefits Of Facebook’s Augmented Reality For Small Businesses, According To Fishbat

Internet Marketing

More and more companies are using and continually developing on augmented reality, with Facebook being one of the last of biggest companies to do so. In this regard, the digital marketing company Fishbat analyzes how small businesses can benefit from the use of augmented reality by this social network.

Augmented reality aims to provide users with interactive experiences that emulate the real world. The tools to enjoy these experiences can be simple and require only a smartphone, or they can be sophisticated and require headphones and other items to provide more realistic experiences.

About the use of augmented reality, Facebook is one of the most active companies in this regard. And because of this, it’s viable for many small businesses to benefit from Facebook technology in this field. These are some of the ways they can do it:

• Free tools. Facebook provides many free augmented reality resources, which can help companies reduce expenses and thus create AR experiences easily and inexpensively.

• AR location. With this tool, AR involvements can be linked to specific locations of users anywhere in the world, presenting content that they cannot enjoy anywhere else.

• Background segmentation. This tool is ideal for users who cannot travel to certain locations. Through it, users feel they have been transported to different places without moving from their current location.

This is just a sample of how Facebook’s advances on augmented reality can be of benefit to small businesses. It’s expected that, as technology continues to develop, AR technology will be more common in the business world, thus providing unique experiences to current and potential customers.

Source Link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/digital-marketing-company-fishbat-discusses-090000691.html

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