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BBC New Voice Assistant that Understand British Accents


BBC is currently is in the process of developing its own voice assistant that can provide services like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

BBC is trying to collect all recordings from BBC teams around the United Kingdom to make sure that this virtual assistant has natural regional accents. BBC announced on Tuesday that this new voice assistant which will be launched next year will use the wake word “Beeb,”.

By using this voice assistant, users can interact with BBC programs and online services on their phones and smart speakers. The BBC spokesperson mentioned on Tuesday by the emailed statement that “Around one in five adults have a smart speaker in their home – and millions more have voice-activated devices in their pockets – so there is growing demand from people to access programmes and services with their voice,”.

They also mentioned that “We want to make sure everyone can benefit from this new technology, and bring people exciting new content, programmes and services – in a trusted, easy-to-use way.”

According to Guardian, BBC doesn’t have any plan for launching its own standalone hardware device that will use “Beeb” but instead of that the voice assistant will be built into the BBC’s website and its iPlayer app, and also will be available for manufacturers to integrate into devices. The BBC also mentioned that this new digital assistant will let the audience to experience new programs and features.

Source Link: https://www.cnet.com/news/bbc-to-launch-voice-assistant-thatll-actually-understand-british-accents/


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