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Barcelona Striker Griezmann Blames Wife for Wasted France Penalty


At some point in the game against Albania, all eyes were on Barcelona’s Antoine Griezman after the referee gave them what in the football world is termed a rare opportunity – a penalty, which was to be taken by Antoine Griezmann. Unfortunately, the striker wasted the moment and when asked why, he gave one of the most unexpected excuses, citing the blame on his other half’s absence.

Well, it seems like the joke was his way of transposing the frustration to a lighter note, but at the same time he accepted the need for him to work on his penalty skills. As expected this could not have ended on the pitch and speculations are that wife is likely to demand an apology if she gets it wrong from the media.

France managed to secure their space on the oncoming Euro 2020 games courtesy of Kingsly Coman and two other players, which gave them a 4-1 win against their opponent. If Griezmann could have delivered the kick, the goal tally would be five – one.

In a different setting when asked again why he couldn’t shake the nets, the Barcelona striker came out clear that he can’t really tell since he was in good dynamic, “I don’t know why – too bad, but sometimes we miss,” he said.

Although he appeared unimpressed with the lost chance, owing to the fact that it’s a negative mark on his profile, Griezmann and teammates were happy that they are in the top of Group H nevertheless.

Barcelona’s spokesperson was quoted saying, “The game was a great one and from the results, we are on the right track. We only regret losing that one goal.”

France’s next game will be on their home ground and speculations are that the home-advantage might give them a leg up over Andorra, at the Stade de France Stadium.

Source Link: https://www.goal.com/en/news/griezmann-blames-wife-for-missed-france-penalty/7y6n44mknkyn19padyvdzu8aa


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