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Bali Vs Maeng Da Vs Green Malay, What Type of Kratom Capsule Should You Purchase Online

Choosing the right strain of Kratom for you is important, because different strains offer differing types of “feeling” along with different levels of pain relief. Depending on what you’re using Kratom for, you may want to look into the two most popular types of strains. The two most common types that are actually purchased right now is Bali and Maeng Da, as well as Green Malay. In this guide we’re going to pit Bali vs. Maeng Da vs. Green Malay, what type of kratom capsule should you purchase online? We’ll leave you to decide.

Bali Strains

One key thing to note is that Bali helps the most with pain relief. While many people recommend still not taking kratom every single day, using it as compared to the other two are one of the common reasons it’s used. This strain is most commonly found in (you guessed it) Bali. It has more alkaloids that aid users in pain relief, and it can also can help with things like depression as well as anxiety disorders and issues that affect your daily life. While Bali isn’t quite as energizing, it does help give that “good feeling” as well as offer a better night’s rest than other strains.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da sells the most even though Bali and Green Malay are making a striking increase in sales. The reason for this is because Maeng Da actually has a higher “energy boosting” effect with the euphoria. It is also said that it helps with chronic pain and other ailing issues you may have. Maeng Da is commonly found growing in Malaysia and Thailand. Most people say that Maeng Da helps them feel overall better and boosts concentration levels with its stimulating properties.

Green Malay

This rising giant is starting to sell more because it is its own strain. The pain relieving effects of good quality green Malay are indeed better than most of them. At the same time, it’s more potent than other strains because it was one of the historically original kratom strains that was taken by workers in fields. If you’re wanting the perfect balance of that “feel good feeling”, pain relief, and be sharper and focused without the complete stimulant properties of Maeng Da, then you may want to try green Malay, especially if you’re a recreational user.


These strains are the most popular strains, although there are plenty of other strains out there. However, when you’re wanting the best quality stuff that has the lowest risks associated with them, you may want to check out these three “brands”. When it comes to using kratom recreationally, without being completely “blown away” into euphoria, you’ll want to choose the Green Malay. This would allow you to still function pretty well throughout the day. If you’re looking for a swift kick in the rear end recreationally, you’ll want to choose Maeng Da (some benefits of this one is that it is an energizing strain that also gives you the same euphoria with adequate pain relief). And lastly, if your sole purpose is to get a good vibe but alleviate pain primarily (chronic or sudden but extremely painful pain), using Red Bali Kratom may be your best bet.

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