Baccarat Winners Become More Reckless after Winning than Losing – Study Found

According to Japanese research, Baccarat gamblers become reckless when they win and losing online racing bettors log off for a longer period than the winners.

The study was conducted in the Paradise City Casino where almost 4000 middle-aged men play baccarat. The study considered 8mn hands were studied to determine the risk and repeated betting behavior as a function of outcome history.

The study was published in the International Gambling Studies.

The researchers wanted to detect the impact of win or lose at the intensity level of the players. There were different parameters that were studied. Different size of bets, riskier bets, how poorly or well the gamblers managed their previous wagers were few of the considerations.

The researchers found out that consecutive wins make the players more reckless than losses. The wager stake generally increases with the passage of time. This was very prominent with a sequential win than a sequential loss, the study found.

More longshot bets were also common with consecutive wins as part of enhanced risk-taking. The players simply believe that the consecutive run would continue. However, it was different for the players who had consecutive losses. They did not put longshot but they put more money on regular bets. The researcher terms this as chasing behavior to recoup losses with a higher stake.

However, the researchers said that even though chasing is a key gambling problem but enhanced risk-taking after consecutive wins are even more dangerous.

However, the researchers said that further study is required to understand the chasing behavior.

On a similar line, another study published in the Journal of Gambling Studies was published. It studied to determine the effect of winning or losing and how soon the bettors in horseracing come back for more. It examined 9K customers of Fintoto.

The average customer was 51-year-old who wagered in every four days €43 per session and losing around €12.

The study found that the losing player stayed away from the Fintoto site 27% longer than the winning players.


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