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AT&T Recognizes eSports by joining the Pennsylvania eSports Coalition

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As mentioned in the title, a media giant, AT&T has just joined the Pennsylvania eSports coalition. But, this immediately begs the questions of why would such a large company even bother with an industry as small as eSports?

The answer is quite simple, buy low, sell high. The eSports sphere is in its development phase, sure we can see a lot of action going around in the world as of this point, but the future holds nothing but the best as new games are being developed, new professionals are being made and companies get more and more interested in tapping the audience that is the younger generation.

The importance of eSports for Pennsylvania

According to esportsbets.ru, a Russian eSports media outlet, the PA ESC is a non-profit organization created to develop and promote competitive entertainment in Pennsylvania. The organization has been elated to see such a large company take interest in what they are doing. Having such a giant behind them will guarantee their further success and development in the field.

AT&T themselves haven’t left the matter uncommented as they addressed the topic by saying that they’re similarly excited for the partnership. Seeing how proffesionaly the PA ESC has been handling the development of the eSposts sphere in the state, was the primary reason they decided to go ahead with the partnership.

It’s also important to note that this is not the first eSports venture that AT&T has undertaken as it became the official Telecommunications and Mobile Gaming Partner of ESL North America.

Why is this good for AT&T?

AT&T is a large corporation, therefore it cannot only be thinking about the present or the near future. The further in the future their plans align the better for them. Aligning themselves with eSports is an amazing way for the company to get a lot of brand recognition and exposure to the newer generation. Which could potentially become their customers down the line and even switch from their current telecommunications provider, just because AT&T supports eSports.

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