Atlantic Lottery Increases Online Casino with Higher Wagering Limits

Last year August, an online casino released under New Brunswick in Canada is now accessible to more bettors.

The casino is run by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC), the website is projected to be made available to locals of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. They will also give bettors in these areas the chance to place bigger online bets than ever before.

This novel effort comes after an announcement made by the organization last October when it said it would to push forward with extended online gaming options to fight against the terrible effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

ALC has not had it easy for several years. In part, this is due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on betting.

The company has found it hard to gain strength, so it unveiled its New Brunswick online casino in 2020. It further went on to implement a limit of CAD$500 ($392.75) per hand on blackjack and a limit of CAD$100 ($78) per turn on a slot machines.

ALC didn’t find it easy to get the needed support for its online casino operations. However, the revenue slide caused by the pandemic was all the motivation the company needed.

The leaders of Prince Edward Island have tried to keep online casinos at bay for more than ten years. Thankfully, they are now open to the idea, just like most governments in other countries.

According to Chris Keevill, the CEO of ALC, a lot of money keeps being directed to offshore operators, as it leaves places like Prince Edward Island and more without the needed revenue. Keevill asserts, “Offshore operators who are marketing to Atlantic Canadians really picked up steam over COVID. We don’t think that they operate with the best interests and safety of Atlantic Canadians in mind.”

ALC has a yearly initiative with aims of improving its online betting operations and has regularly declared that a virtual casino could create an estimated CAD$80 million ($62.8 million) within 7 years.

There’s every chance the figure should be more than that now, especially because of the increased attention given to online gaming. A major part of that income would be given to governments for their programs.

ALC has kept mum on the exact sum it has been generating from its New Brunswick sector. But the company has told leaders of Prince Edward Island leaders that it expects an estimated CAD$750,000 ($589,000) in profit in its first year of full scale operation.


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