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Aspire Ventures Rolls Out Powch Verify Solution to Improve Security in the Shared Economy


Aspire has rolled out, Powch verify, a new technology that is meant to tighten security in systems that run a shared economy.

The new technology is expected to provide an easy and quick confirmation that the person on the other end of a communication channel is exactly who they claim to be. The identity can be verified conveniently by the app you are using. When a delivery person, driver or the person you are going out on a date with arrives, Aspire app will issue a notification confirming that their identity has been verified.

This new solution will help to keep people safe by offering an easy and seamless experience when a sheared economy is under serious scrutiny because of several incidences. This product has proven to be promising for businesses and services in the gig systems.

Powch makes use of cryptography as well as current mobile systems to deliver a quick and accurate verification process. The Powch system utilizes a patent-pending proximity detection engine (PDE) that operates under a multifactor verification system. It is executed within seconds and it can be relied on to ensure enhanced security for workers and consumers.

For those who offer shared services, the system can be integrated into an existing platform. It is patent-pending, affordable and efficient enough to perform security functions for workers or consumers. Powch is currently in negotiations with providers of shared services, and they are planning t role it out other apps towards the end of 2019.

Powch is a data security and identity company that started operating in 2014. They offer security solutions that enable transactions to be done via mobile devices. Users have secure and immediate access a user data.

Source Link: http://www.sys-con.com/node/4406400

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