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Artificial Intelligence: Uses and Applications in Digital Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing

Speaking about artificial intelligence, or AI, the first thing we think about is science fiction movies; being more accurate, in synthetic consciences created by humans. The truth is that, in today’s real world, AI is a system that allows you to do tasks that usually need human intelligence, such as problem solving, emotion recognition or disease diagnosis.

Now, in the digital marketing field, AI also has its applications; it is used to improve the user experience, as well as a mechanism to increase the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns, and also as a tool for automating processes that usually depend on humans.

Using AI, marketing campaigns can be optimized generating reports using nothing but data. So, you can put more efforts to tasks that require the human touch, such as connecting with your customers.

Next, I’ll list some innovations that can cause changes in the marketing industry with the insertion of artificial intelligence:

1. Content Generation and Curation

Through the use of AI, you can select and generate content and display it to the right people on the right platforms. In the future, AI could generate viable topics for writers, or even develop initial drafts of content based on certain parameters.

When it comes to strategies, AI can be a great help at developing end-to-end content strategies. And, talking again about future applications, it could also generate full reports on content initiatives, without requiring human work.

2. Digital Advertising Enhanced by AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the way companies advertise. A possible use of AI would be on electronic billboards, which could show the right types of ads to the right people based on big data and complex algorithms.

With the use of AI the displayed content will be relevant to people, which will optimize the return on investment, instead of overwhelming the audience with irrelevant ads which results in losses for advertisers.

3. Chatbots

This type of AI is currently present on many websites; its main functions are answering customers’ questions, helping to close sales in online stores, among others.

For many companies, chatbots are a solution when there are no employees or time availability to quickly answer customer questions. Even with them, you can “attend” your customers 24 hours a day, all year.

However, there are aspects to improve about its use. Chatbots should never have the last word when processing customer complaints. Besides, they must give the option to transfer the communication to a human if the client requests so.

4. Behavior Analysis and Predictive Analysis

Nowadays, there’s a notable increase in the number of companies that hire data scientists and programmers for their marketing departments. When it comes to behavioral sciences, there is more and more data to analyze and AI can be a useful tool for these tasks.

Artificial intelligence can provide to the companies a deep insight into their customers, through using big data analysis and machine learning. This will allow companies to hyperperzonalize interactions, and even predict future customer behaviors.

Even though the implementation of artificial intelligence has little time, companies are investing large amounts of money to incorporate it in their marketing strategies. As more uses of AI come up in digital marketing, we will discover the most and least effective ways of applying this technology.

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