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Appsumo Deals – CloudApp Review

Appsumo Deals CloudApp Review

CloudApp Review: Appsumo deals launched CloudApp lifetime deal for just $39 and it offers 4TB lifetime access to the users. As a small team, you’re going full speed 24/7. And frankly, you don’t have time to waste on silly things like, ya know, communicating.

We know this struggle all too well — interacting with partners worldwide, Sumo-lings, remote contractors, and amongst ourselves. But there’s a tool that has been a communication savior for our team. That tool is CloudApp.

Get CloudApp Life Time Access

What is CloudApp?

CloudApp is an easy-to-use screen recorder that creates screenshots, gifs, and videos so you can communicate effectively.

Appsumo Deals CloudApp Review

Why you want it

You and I both know that walking someone through tasks or a product without any visual aids is downright painful.

CloudApp turns what would normally be a long and confusing email or phone exchange into a short and sweet visual explanation using annotated screenshots, screen recordings, webcam videos, and gifs.

Your team will be able to share information in record time:

Developers can screenshot bugs or code changes
Customer support can walk customers through problems using screen recordings
Marketing can create eye-catching content gifs
Designers can highlight graphic changes

What’s included in this deal

Lifetime Access to the CloudApp Team Plan
Unlimited screenshots and screen recordings
1 minute GIF captures
4GB/day bandwidth
4 TB of storage (Bonus! 2 extra TB with this deal!)
Password protected content
Secure sharing through your company’s CloudApp organization

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How much you’re saving

If you were to ask the AppSumo team if we think CloudApp is worth the $216 a year, you’d get a resounding “heck yeah!” We use it every day! But lucky for you, this no-brainer at $216 a year is available to you for life at just $39!

And with this deal, you get double the storage that’s typically included in the Team Plan — 4 TB instead of the normal 2TB!

We live in a modern world. One where technology allows us to work from anywhere (even from an office if you’re into that sort of thing). And with collaboration being more vital than ever, you need a way to communicate quickly and clearly.

CloudApp is the answer.

Bridge the communication gap for just $39.

Get CloudApp Life Time Access

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