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Apple’s New technology Expected to Bring Back Touch ID Function


Apple is currently working on a fingerprinting technology that will feature in its next iPhone release. Even before iPhone X was released, rumor had it that Apple was planning to bring back in screen fingerprint detector to iPhones. According to Blumberg, this is actually happening.

As the company was busy preparing to launch iPhone X in 2017, the media was debating on whether they would actually release an authentication feature that would be based on facial recognition or fingerprint technology. As it turned out, the former carried the day.

This in-screen feature was not presented in a way that excited Apple, although a number of android phone manufacturers made devices that incorporated hidden sensors before and particularly after iPhone X was launched.

Nevertheless, fingerprint readers have improved over the years. Apple is actually developing its own sensors. Based on leaked information, Apple might integrate this technology into their phones as soon as 2020. However, Blumberg is not sure the company will be able to incorporate this technology into its iPhone this soon.

What is sure, though, is iPhone enthusiasts will not be seeing this technology in this year’s Apple event. The first Touch ID sensor was released into the market with iPhone 5S back in 2013. The most recent iPhone that has this technology is the iPhone 8, although later devices such the iPad have the Touch ID technology.

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