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Apple Watch Series 5 Features An Always-on Display And Titanium Or Ceramic Finishes


Apple has just made official the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 5, the next generation of the Apple Watch. The new model is quite similar to last year’s Series 4, having similar design and size. This year, the big new feature is an always-on display allowing you to see the time without needing to move your wrist, something which has been longed for since the Apple Watch first came out in 2015.

Apple states even with the new always-on screen, the Series 5 watch maintains the previous model’s 18-hour battery life, owing to a new low-temperature polysilicone and oxide display and low-power display driver. It has redesigned the watchfaces and workouts to take advantage of the new display option. The screen will remain in low brightness until you move your wrist, where it will turn to full brightness similar to how the current model works when your wrist is moved.

Apart from the new feature of always-on display, the Apple Watch Series now comes in a recycled aluminum or titanium finishes. You also have the stainless steel and ceramic options from previous models. Apple claims this is the biggest number of finishes for the Apple Watch till now.

A built-in compass and emergency calling for international countries are the other new features. Surprisingly, Apple did not include first-party sleep tracking with the new model, something we were expecting based on leaks and rumors.

The Series 5 comes at $399 for GPS model and $499 for the cellular connected version. Starting today, it is available for order and can be found in stores starting on September 20th. Also, Apple is dropping the price of the Series 3 permanently, to $199, which matches the lowest sale price we’ve seen on that model. The Series 4 model from last year is no longer in the lineup.

Source Link: https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/10/20847477/new-apple-watch-series-5-2019-always-on-screen-price-specs-features

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