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Apple Schedules Launch for three New Super Gadgets before the Year Ends

Apple has hinted that it has three main surprises lined up this year for its esteemed customers. The tech giant will unveil a new larger MacBook Pro, two dual camera-focused “Pro” iPhones, and new “super” iPads. The official launch for these will be next month – September 10.

In the report appearing on Bloomberg, the tech giant expects to gain an edge against its competitors with three new iPhones that feature additional camera lens and other iconic features. Two of the gadgets will have a “Pro” branding but all of them are expected to enthrall camera enthusiasts with telephoto lenses and ultra-wide angle. However, although the company mentions that the devices have in-built additional color options, the details on what exactly to expect in that area are not clear.

New for the iPhone 11 Pro

Besides the hardware upgrade, iPhone 11 Pro in particular promises camera software upgrade. With these major improvements from the mainstream model, users will be able to take up to three high-quality simultaneous photos. On the same note, the new in-build tech allows you to merge the photos and alter the resolutions using easy to deploy super-sampling techniques.

New editing features

Going into details, the shared report says that Apple is also pleased to let its fans know of several improvements relating to their editing technology. That is, their iOS 13 powered iPhone comes with additional editing features that allow users to explore hacks such as alter colors, reframe, retouch, crop and apply effects on photos and videos.

A glimpse into the hardware update

In combating one of the main complaints that most customers reported, relating to Face ID and security, with the upgraded version, users will have to consciously unlock their new phone every moment they want to use it even if lying flat or holding it in the hand at an angle. The queried 3D Touch has been upgraded with the Haptic Touch technology, which is somewhat close to iPhone XR’s. Besides that, those who will own any of these soon to be launched “Pro iPhones will enjoy what the company calls reverse charging, which is a battery refill innovation that was first featured by Samsung’s Galaxy S10.

To give a mind-picture of what the new iPhones will look like, the reports equates them to iPhone XS, XR and the loved XS MAX. However, contrary to what most people would expect, 5G connectivity would not be in the list of specs. What we know is that anything touching on 5G, as early communicated would be a reserve for 2020 iPhones.

Source Link: https://www.techspot.com/news/81565-apple-launch-pro-iphones-larger-macbook-pro-new.html


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