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Apple New Decision Regarding the Siri Grading Program


Apple has suspended the Siri grading program at the beginning of this month and as a consequence, hundreds of apple workers who were employed to check the Siri recording for errors lost their job.

This company has ended around 300 hundred employees’ contracts in the company’s Cork facility.

Apple announced its decision about the suspension of this programme on the 2nd of August and since that day workers had been on paid leave.

Apple decided to suspend this programme according to the Guardian report that revealed the workers were able to hear confidential medical information and couples having sex while checking the Siri recordings.

Workers who were employed through contracting firms and lost their job reported that Apple told them that there is no work for them due to “technical errors” on the 2nd of August.

Apple announced to the contracting firms last week that this work would be terminated and it will lead to the mass job losses with little notice.

There has been anger among those employees who were concerned by the ethics of the programme.

One of the former contractors who asked us to remain his identity anonymous due to a still-active NDA mentioned that “I’m relieved this information came out.  although I was involved in the work and I just lost my job. Discussions around ethics in this job was a constant between workers, but we don’t know how to bring it up.”

The former contractor also mentioned that “Apple, recruiting through vendor companies in Ireland, take absolutely no responsibility in the employment of contractors and their treatment in work. They do what they want, and when they’re done with your project or they screw up (like what just happened), they tell your vendor company to let you go, which they do … It’s been coming at them for over a year. How could they not see this coming? Did they think about protecting their employees at all? Or just their reputation?. We’ve all been laid off after the scandal, with no protection against this. More than 300 at once just in cork, with no redundancy, just one week’s notice.”

Apple’s next iOS software update will be released in early October and this company doesn’t have any plan to continue working on Siri grading project in the immediate future.

Source Link: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/aug/28/apple-ends-contracts-hundreds-workers-hired-to-listen-siri


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