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Apple MacBook to Feature a Slimmer Look


Current generation MacBook has the butterfly keyboard mechanism which has undergone numerous revision in order to fix functional issues.

In a notebook design, the keyboard is a space-occupying factor greatly affects the thickness or thinness of the gadget.

In light of this, Apple’s patent shared by AppleInsider expounds on how Apple will target the keyboard design to reduce thickness. The keyboard and the actuator (component that controls movement) dictate the keyboard thickness and height thus have been highlighted in the patent. According to the patent, this will be done by focusing on reducing the height of the MacBook keys.

Simultaneously, Apple plans to place a single membrane sheet on the circuit board as a means of cutting down on space wasting. The membrane which is usually not attached to the circuit board provides extra space, but when joined it will require less space paving way for the slimmer frame.

The patent also touched on the attachment of the dome switch to the membrane as a means of providing easy installation. The advantage to this is the fact that the assembly time will be greatly enhanced.

Rumor has it that the mechanism could be used on the 16-inch MacBook yet to be released in the course of the year. Although the patent has been granted, this new model may not be showcased this year, probably in 2020.

Either way, this would be a major leap for Apple makers because well…who doesn’t want an extra slim MacBook?

Source Link: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/gadgets-news/heres-what-may-make-future-apple-macbooks-thinner/articleshow/71287109.cms


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