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Apple Expected To Reopen Its Flagship NYC Store To Mark The iPhone 11 Launch Event


You may have already heard that it will be a big week for Apple. On Tuesday, the company is expected to uncover the new iPhone 11 handsets for 2019, the Apple Watch 5, and some other goodies too.

Before the launch event, we are hearing a few rumors like on September 13, the iPhone 11 will be available to preorder and on September 20, it will go on sale. This would correspond with the schedule from past years.

According to a source, Apple is planning to mark the event by reopening its flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York.

In 2017, the store was closed for renovations. However, this weekend the symbolic glass cube which marks the entrance was revealed and it’s wearing a rainbow-colored wrap, that fits with the invites Apple has distributed for September 10.

Speaking about the event, it has been disclosed that the iPhone 11 launch will be streamed live on Youtube for the first time.

Previously, those interested could watch the event through the Apple website and live on Twitter, however, this is the first time it can be viewed on Youtube. It’s surprising considering the service belongs to Google.

That offers yet another way for you to tune into the action. The event starts at 10am PT / 1pm ET, that is 6pm in London and 3am the next day (September 11) in Sydney.

The big upgrades expected this year include an improved rear camera array, contained in an unusual square frame on the back of the iPhone. According to reports, next year’s iPhones will have an all-new design and 5G.

Source Link: https://www.techradar.com/news/apple-tipped-to-reopen-its-flagship-nyc-store-as-the-iphone-11-goes-on-sale

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