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Annual Rookie Survey Show That Cam Reddish Will Be Better Than Williamson In the Long Run


Media critics believe that Zion Williamson will not have a long term basketball success. His fellow rookies also hold the same view. They feel that his massive height and weight is not built for long term success in the NBA.

On Monday, the NBA released its annual rookie survey in which player’s poll about each other prospect. The survey shows that there are players who have no confidence in Williamson in the long run. Instead, his teammate from Duke seems to end up being better than Zion from the 2019 draft class.

The survey indicated that Cam Reddish would be better than Williamson in the long last with 19 per cent of the polls.

While in the Duke, Reddish shot 35.6 per cent from the field and 33.3 from the 3-point line. He was considered as third prospect coming out of Blue Devils. He was selected as the 10th overall pick by Atlanta Hawks.

Other players who are ranked better than Williamson in the rookie survey in the long term include Ja Morant, De’Andre Hunter, R.J. Barrett and Jaxson Hayes.

Williamson tied with Jaxson Hayes in the survey both with a five per cent of the votes. You can check the summary of the survey here.

However, the short term prospect is a different story. Zion rookie fellow believes that he will receive the Rookie of the Year Honor. The only person to race against him will be Ja Morant of Grizzlies. A whopping 35 per cent voted for Williamson to win the Rookie of the Year and 27 per cent voted for Ja Morant to win.

There is a held believe that Williamson weight may work well while early in his career. But that may change as age advances. Many people believe that the work he is doing now might be impossible when he progresses from 25-30 years.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/nba-rookies-overwhelmingly-believe-cam-reddish-will-be-better-than-zion-williamson/ar-AAG1XSO

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