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Anger Management Movie Review


This was a movie which had a lot of potential to get the best out of Adam Sandler but which ultimately failed to deliver. Fans of Adam Sandler may enjoy this movie but fans of Jack Nicholson are likely to hate it.

Sandler plays a mild-mannered guy named Dave Buznik who got a promotion at work and who is in love with his fiancee Linda. Some misunderstandings on a flight transpire and he is wrongly diagnosed as being a person filled with rage and assigned to therapy with esteemed therapist Dr Buddy Rydell.

He introduces Dave to a therapy group which includes guest stars in the movie such as Luis Guzman and John Turturro. Both are crazy as is Dr Rydell. Dave is involved in a number of unsavory events which climaxes in a bar fight and court appearance where he says:

“I was being attacked by someone while stealing a blind man’s cane.”

Also see in the movie are Woody Harrelson (as a drag queen), John C. Reilly (as a Buddhist monk who gets a wedgie), Heather Graham, former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and (ho, ho) the angry Bobby Knight.

The movie is raunchy for one which is rated PG 13 and features quite a lot of jokes about penis size as well as jokes about lesbian porn stars who enjoy three-way sex, a drag queen prostitute, a mentally ill girl, masturbation, premature ejaculation, flatulence and prison rape.

It does have comedic elements and there is a character named “Lickin Zee Dickin” who claims to be from Germany. There is frequent profanity in the movie so you should bear this in mind if you plan to watch with children nearby.

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