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Andrea Abeli- A trendsetter in the world of modelling

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The world of fashion, modeling, and glamour has changed manifold. More so with pervasive use of social media, where aspirants do not have to go the traditional route of making a name for themselves. Today, while many people see social media as a source of entertainment or connectivity, models and those in the fashion business use these platforms to showcase their talent. Introducing Andrea Vasile aka Andrea Abeli. This 34-year Romanian model is breaking the glass ceiling and is a popular name in the world of modeling. Known to be a curvaceous bikini model, Andrea has already taken the social media landscape by storm and continues to shine with her reputation.

From being a law student to becoming a brand name, Andrea Abeli has had quite a journey.

andrea abeli

Andrea was born in Caracal, Romania. The world of fashion and modeling always attracted her ever since she was a child. Since the age of 22, Andrea started modeling for various brands and traveled across Europe. She spent her younger days exploring and learning about the art of modeling and the business of fashion. She trained herself in web designing and photography. Using her knowledge, business understanding, and experience, she started guiding young, aspiring models on how to establish themselves on social media. But very soon Andrea realized that her true potential lies in facing the camera. That was when she embarked on her full-time modeling journey.

However, it was not easy to breakthrough. The world of fashion has always been inclined towards lean body structures and size zero. Andrea broke all norms, conventions, and stereotypes with her curvaceous figure and used it to her best benefits. She harnessed her knowledge of photography and fashion sensibility for her own shoots and portfolios. She used the same skills and techniques that she used for her clients to position herself and highlighted her best features along with her bold personality. Her social name- Andrea Abeli became a sensation with her trendsetting posts and photos. With her confidence and natural looks she won millions of hearts and supporters on social space. Instead of shying away from the world, she used what she had to full potential and earned fame in the world of bikini modeling.

As of today, Andrea Abeli has more than two million followers on Instagram and still counting. While many women like her aspire but cannot achieve, Andrea made it possible by defying all conventional beliefs. She chose her personality over her physical appearance and brought it to her audience in its full glory. Her bold move earned her immense respect and support from her fans and followers who believe in her perspective and path of life. Andrea lives by the philosophy of bringing change to people’s lives and she did that by becoming the change herself.

Apart from being a model herself, Andrea also runs a modeling agency in Los Angeles, California. The agency helps young, aspiring models in pursuing their dreams. Andrea Abeli currently lives and operates out of Los Angeles. She has also launched her own website where she connects with her clients and fans.

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