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An infographic detailing the Cryptocurrency industry around the world

Cryptocurrency regulation

We all are aware of the fact that cryptocurrencies are extremely popular in the world. However, most people don’t understand exactly what scale the popularity is at right now. In order to understand this, we need to consider a lot of aspects of the industry.

For example, the presence of cryptocurrencies in various countries can be determined by examining its regulation, tax policies, ATM locations and cryptocurrency exchange registrations. All of this warrants quite a lot of research just to know about 1 single country, furthermore, some information may not even be available.

Such an infographic can be found on forexnewsnow.com which details all of the specific segments I’ve mentioned above. The infographic details every country’s attitude towards cryptocurrencies, and it is all illustrated with the help of numbers.

Cryptocurrency map

As you can see, the whole infographic is a collection of various maps detailing separate segments of the crypto industry. You can see which country regulates or bans cryptos. Which of them have severe or friendly taxes? How many crypto ATMs you can find in these countries, how much they contribute to the mining process and most of all, which countries are hotspots for crypto companies.

Source: https://www.forexnewsnow.com/top-stories/cryptocurrencies-world/

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