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An Infographic about Financial company Marketing strategies

Marketing is one of the most important departments of any company, regardless if they sell a service or an item. Most companies rely on heavy marketing strategies such as large billboards, flyers, sponsored events, media coverage and etc, but the 21st century has introduced a whole new concept of marketing which is the social media.

Ever since social media was invented, these traditional financial companies had to adapt to the more youth-oriented platform in order to secure future customers. Therefore extensive marketing campaigns had to be formed.

Forexnewsnow.com has created an infographic to show us who are the best performing companies in this field. Maybe you’ve even seen some of your posts on Facebook.


It can clearly be seen that most Forex brokers avoid social media marketing or just don’t commit to it on an extensive level. This is due to the remaining culture of financial marketing which mostly revolves around affiliate websites and off-platform promotions.

It was not surprising to see eToro as the leading company in terms of Facebook ads, as everybody has probably already seen the “Trade like a Steve” ad.

Overall, it’s clear that Forex brokers prefer to use Facebook as their main social media marketing tool. Everything else including Youtube, Instagram and Twitter combined cannot reach the numbers these companies reach with Facebook.

You can find additional and more detailed information about the infographic by clicking here and checking out the source.

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